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(Finally!) A Minimalist Skincare Routine That Actually Works

Upfront disclaimer that I'm no beauty guru - you won't find me online giving tips and tutorials because the only one I could rightfully give you is how I've worn my makeup exactly the same way since 2002 (with the exception of deciding to acknowledge the existence of my eyebrows a few years ago - forgive this child of the 90’s.)  I watch beauty tutorials only when I need to figure out how to create a Halloween look (unicorn - check; sugar skull - check; daily life - not check.)  That said, I've struggled with problematic skin (combo + acne) since I was a teenager.  The only time my skin ever looked clear or remotely glowy were my college and grad school years where I overrode its naturally horrific tendencies with birth control.  Not a long-term solution, as it turns out. I don’t want to be a beauty guru - give me a simple routine that works without poisoning me and I’m set.

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