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About Christie | Cedar + Surf

Hi and welcome in!

I grew up on the east coast but currently live on California’s central coast with my husband and our sassy blonde schnauzer, Ellie. We’re a few miles from the beach, nestled in the hills of wine country between Santa Barbara and Big Sur.

The east coast will always be home, but Ryan’s career as a military officer means that the Air Force gets to change our zip code every few years, a reality I’ve grown to appreciate for the novelty, fresh perspective, and new friends it brings. The road here wound through Pittsburgh, DC, and Annapolis (for him through New York, the UK, and Afghanistan as well), and each city has a special place in our story. Military life makes you feel a bit like a tourist everywhere you go because you’re never truly settled in (or completely unpacked.) We’ve learned to embrace the uncertainty and treat each assignment like the adventure it inevitably becomes. Unsurprisingly, we're loving coastal California so much that we’re seriously considering staying here in, “the happiest city in America” (as it turns out, not hyperbole.)

My career in higher education began a decade ago, and I'm currently an administrator leading several talented teams at a public university. A side hustle as a personal stylist has been my creative outlet since 2015 and I recently styled my 11,000th client. Beyond the creative expression, I love the chance it has given me to empower women and play a part in the new jobs, fresh starts, date nights, and girls’ trips that we’re all out here bringing our A-game to. Working in the fashion industry inspired my transition to ethical shopping and conscious consumerism.

I care deeply about protecting the planet, fighting inequality, and promoting social justice, themes you’ll notice reflected in my writing because they’re woven into what I do and who I am. I’m inspired when I see women being celebrated for their ability to suggest both a great bag and a great book, so I’m happy to share my closet and shelves toward that end.

I hope Cedar + Surf inspires curiosity, adventure, and conscious living and that reading it is as enjoyable as the creative process is for me.

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