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Purging Plastics: A Year of Low-Waste Living

A beginner’s guide to ditching single-use plastics and living low-waste. Includes a history of plastic development and usage, plastic pollution statistics, and our favorite inexpensive ethical alternatives to common household products packaged in plastic. Highlighted products include reusable water bottles, stainless steel straws, toothpaste bits, silk dental floss, mesh produce bags, cleaning tablet concentrate, glass bottles, and glass storage containers.

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(Finally!) A Minimalist Skincare Routine That Actually Works

Upfront disclaimer that I'm no beauty guru - you won't find me online giving tips and tutorials because the only one I could rightfully give you is how I've worn my makeup exactly the same way since 2002 (with the exception of deciding to acknowledge the existence of my eyebrows a few years ago - forgive this child of the 90’s.)  I watch beauty tutorials only when I need to figure out how to create a Halloween look (unicorn - check; sugar skull - check; daily life - not check.)  That said, I've struggled with problematic skin (combo + acne) since I was a teenager.  The only time my skin ever looked clear or remotely glowy were my college and grad school years where I overrode its naturally horrific tendencies with birth control.  Not a long-term solution, as it turns out. I don’t want to be a beauty guru - give me a simple routine that works without poisoning me and I’m set.

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