Purging Plastics: A Year of Low-Waste Living

A beginner’s guide to ditching single-use plastics and living low-waste. Includes a history of plastic development and usage, plastic pollution statistics, and our favorite inexpensive ethical alternatives to common household products packaged in plastic. Highlighted products include reusable water bottles, stainless steel straws, toothpaste bits, silk dental floss, mesh produce bags, cleaning tablet concentrate, glass bottles, and glass storage containers.

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Yosemite: Airstream Glamping at Autocamp

A review of Autocamp Yosemite’s Airstream glamping + how to escape the crowds and make the most of a few days in the park. Californians are spoiled with nine of the nation’s national parks situated within a reasonable driving distance of each other, making this part of the country prime road trip territory. You can have breakfast at the beach and, before lunch, find yourself in need of snow boots in the high Sierras after driving through a 100 degree desert to get there. The landscape variety might be my favorite part of living here. As anyone who loves nature and solitude can lament, national parks are a mixed bag in reality. On one hand, there’s the park itself, which never disappoints. On the other, there’s the traffic, trash, and behavior of some tourists that make you wish the place was still somehow a secret.

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Weekend Watchlist: Combat Obscura

War is glorified in film, the “heroics” romanticized, and the true cost glossed over by everyone except those directly experiencing it. This film was the antithesis of that depiction and something I wish everyone could draw upon as they decide what type of leaders to support, what types of experiences matter for elected officials, and what approach to international relations is beneficial for us and the rest of the world.

In practice, maybe supporting the troops is more than displaying a patriotic bumper sticker or pulling on an acronym-papered tee. Maybe it’s collectively evaluating the polices we support via the votes we cast that lead to the wars we eventually regret in one way or another. Maybe it’s educating ourselves to ensure that we are casting votes that actually support service members by not sending them into unnecessary conflict, by fairly paying them, by providing them with proper medical care, and by addressing the well-known issues of sexual assault and of post-service homelessness and suicide.

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