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Yosemite: Airstream Glamping at Autocamp

A review of Autocamp Yosemite’s Airstream glamping + how to escape the crowds and make the most of a few days in the park. Californians are spoiled with nine of the nation’s national parks situated within a reasonable driving distance of each other, making this part of the country prime road trip territory. You can have breakfast at the beach and, before lunch, find yourself in need of snow boots in the high Sierras after driving through a 100 degree desert to get there. The landscape variety might be my favorite part of living here. As anyone who loves nature and solitude can lament, national parks are a mixed bag in reality. On one hand, there’s the park itself, which never disappoints. On the other, there’s the traffic, trash, and behavior of some tourists that make you wish the place was still somehow a secret.

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Glen Oaks: A Weekend in the Big Sur Redwoods

There's a reason why the drive through Big Sur is on every list of "must do" US road trip adventures.  Each roadside pull-off rewards handsomely with vistas that truly take your breath away as you take in the magnificence of the Santa Lucia mountains plunging into the sea, birds riding updrafts along the rocky cliff faces as the powerful Pacific waves crash ashore below.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that Big Sur is one of my favorite places on earth and if I could spend every weekend walking the shore, hiking the canyons, or nestled somewhere in the redwoods, I absolutely would.

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